How To Pull Back The Cue Ball

Pulling back to cue ball is one of the most basic trick shots in pool. It is also a necessary shot if you are wanting to improve at the sport. You need to be able to completely controlĀ  the cue ball after your shot in order to place it so that you can make the next shot with a high probability.

How to make the shot

The basic way that you make the shot is to aim low on the cue ball, and make sure you don’t follow through after hitting the ball. That is you can’t make contact with the cue ball for very long. Make sure there’s a lot of chalk on your cue stick so that there is sufficient friction to put backspin on the ball.

Aim about one third of the way up the cue ball and quickly push and pull back the cue. You can practice this on a striped ball in order to see the spin that you’re putting on the ball. Try to take half an hour every day as you’re learning the shot just using a straight ball and shooting it against the side of the table.


Try to get a feel for putting more or less spin on the ball. After you practice against the bumper many times, try to set up a bunch of balls in front of the cue ball, and hit each one so that you pullback the cue ball to its original position. You can suck balls up in a circle in order to do this more easily as your starting. You’ll want to hit the balls Dead on center’s about the ball pulls directly back toward you and does not deflect the side

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